We use fresh, seasonal ingredients from small independent farms and producers and we hope that the difference is noticeable

Fruits, vegetables & salads from Chegworth valley, Kent
Tomatoes from The Tomato Stall, Isle of Wight

We bake with Doves Farm organic flour, British butter, and
organic buttermilk from Ivy House Farm

Exceptional smoked fish from Staal smoke house, Yorkshire
Delicious sausage meat, bacon & chicken from The Ginger Pig
British cheeses supplied by Neals Yard Dairy

We use Tillys Traditional eggs laid by outdoor reared, naturally fed chickens from a
small farm in Northamptonshire

Outstanding seeded rye and sourdough from Bread Bread in Brixton

Coffee hand roasted in Brighton by Cast Iron.
Our organic milk by Estate Dairy is from small Jersey herds.
A small but outstanding selection of original European wines & interesting English beers
Juices from Heron Valley & Luscombe Organic